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Alternative Investments

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The Power to Offer Exclusive Investments to
High Net-Worth Clients

Alternative investments were once only offered to institutions and high net-worth families – but we’ve changed all that. Now you can offer these innovative investment products to meet the growing demands and expectations of your clients; providing you with a powerful competitive advantage. As a member of the Chalice Financial Network™, you can participate in the
tremendous growth in alternative investing with our pre-vetted, non-correlated asset platform.

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So Streamlined They’re Mainstream

As a member of the Chalice Financial Network™, we help you introduce non-correlated assets to your clients through our dynamic investment platform. Traditionally, investing in alternative investments was difficult, time-consuming, and opaque. With our automated transaction processing backed by a team of regulatory experts, the process is streamlined, cost-effective and ready for you to leverage with clients and prospects. We’ve made alternatives mainstream.

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