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Technology Solutions Designed Around You

Chalice Financial Technologies is a leading FinTech solutions company and the creator of the Chalice Advisor Exchange™ (CAEx), our one-stop shop, digital marketplace and peer-to-peer community. You deserve more than the current technology choices available to independent wealth advisors. Our single sign-on platform is designed to enable and inspire you with a dynamic environment that provides you with the ideal workspace to start and make the most of your day.

CAEx Digital Marketplace – Think of Us as Your One-Stop Shop

We believe technology is the great enabler and should bring people together. As a Chalice Financial Network™ member, you gain access to the Chalice Advisor Exchange™, the industry’s most sophisticated digital marketplace and online community.

Benefit from negotiated pricing, technology aimed at streamlining your practice, increased earnings potential, lower expenses, and long-term enhanced enterprise value.

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Solutions for the Entire Lifecycle of Your Business

Whether you are breaking away, at the crossroads of growth opportunities, or thinking about succession planning, we have technology solutions and expert guidance to help you reach your goals. We provide you with access to FinTech consultants and technology support at negotiated member pricing to help strategically and cost-effectively grow your business throughout the entire lifecycle of your business.

Any Time, Any Place, Any Device… Infinite Possibilities

You need 24/7 access to the information and tools that drive your business. That’s why we aggregate and integrate all the resources and solutions you need to grow your business in one clean and intuitive dashboard that allows you to manage your business from desktop to tablet to phone.

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